Genesi creates waters and beverages with the minerals you want
Made in Italy household appliances and equipment for instantaneous preparation of remineralized waters and beverages. The only ones in the world with a direct, immediate, personalized and controlled dosing remineralization circuit.
The original and attractive design make Genesi equipment elegant and trendy objects, beautiful to show and admire. In addition to standard colors, you can request your custom color.
An unforgettable drinking experience
Remineralized waters, waters with added specific minerals, mineral supplements, aromatic waters from distillation of fresh flowers and plants, soft drinks of the Italian tradition and the classics known all over the world. Customize your Viva drinks as you like, even by combining products with each other in the same dispensing.
The excellence in technology for an unparalleled coffee
Unprecedented patented technologies that brew coffee with the ideal water and the possibility to use various brand and models of single-dose capsules, by exploiting one sole dispensing system.
“The first step in innovation is to know that a thing can be created. After that, the rest is a matter of detail.” - Brian Herbert
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