Viva Drinks for Genesi
Viva on demand A wide range of liquid concentrates in bag-in-box and in single-dose capsules for the automatic dispensing of drinks, with a modern twist, you can choose from: the remineralized waters and those enriched in minerals, the traditional Italian soft drinks and those classic known all over the world. Surprise yourself with the product line dedicated to aromatic waters. Lose yourself in the intense scents emanated from beverages made only with distillates of flower and fresh aromatic herbs.

According to the chosen Genesi model, for each dispensing it is possible to select up to 5 modes: still at room temperature or chilled, lightly or strongly carbonated or even hot.
Instant remineralization: easy, automatic and personalized For the operation of Genesi equipment, it is necessary to install at least one Viva bag-in-box of Viva Essenze® line, with the chosen combination of mineral salts in liquid concentrate, which allows to dispense 100 liters of remineralized water. At each dispense request, Genesi automatically takes the correct dosage of minerals according to the chosen volume, by mixing it with filtered and osmotic water.
Viva, excellence in quality All Viva products are made without the use of preservatives. The preparation of minerals liquid concentrates takes place in a patented process developed in our research and development laboratory. Compliance with high quality standards we have set is an imperative bond. All ingredients and concentrates are also subjected to rigorous criteria of the organoleptic characteristics and, through sensory analysis, evaluations of products ready for consumption are conducted constantly.
The innovation of Viva single-dose capsules The patented technology used inside our capsules in recyclable material, entirely designed and produced in Italy and unique in the world, prevents any contamination between different products supplied in sequence. Each capsule contains 30 ml of liquid concentrate.
Our suggestions On each package there is one or more symbols among “thermometer”, "cold", "bubbles" and "hot" to indicate that the product is excellent at room temperature or cold, lightly or strongly carbonated or even hot.
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