Remineralized waters
Liquid concentrates with combinations of mineral salts unique in the world
VIVA ESSENZE®: Balance and LeNote - a range of remineralized water in liquid concentrate, available with different combinations of minerals by type and quantity.
Choose your perfect remineralized water for every moment of the day, in the desired dispensing mode. Use the bag-in-box with the combination of mineral salts that best suits your needs, to be used as a basic remineralized water. This one will be automatically dosed by Genesi equipment also for instantaneous preparation of all other Viva drinks in bag-in-box or in single-dose capsules, except for those that already contain a combination of mineral salts (Viva Essenze® and Viva Colori).

Genesi equipment automatically takes the correct dosage of the mineral concentrate from the bag-in-box and dilutes it in filtered and osmotic water.
Preparations for remineralized water in liquid concentrate made of osmotic water and mineral salts, packed in 2-liter bag-in-box and in boxes of 30 single-dose capsules

Bag-in-box: from each 2-liter bag-in-box you get 100 liters of remineralized water. The preset formats in GenesiBar are glass and carafe, whose volumes are to be edited, during the installation of the equipment, according to own needs. The preset formats in Genesi3 are 220 ml glass, half liter and liter, but it is possible to modify them during installation / maintenance. For both appliances it is always possible to stop dispensing at any time since the installed software guarantees the correct dosage of the mineral salts. For MiniGenesi, dispensing takes place continuously, when the tap is opened.

Single-dose capsules (only with Genesi3): in addition to the chosen bag-in-box for the dispensing of basic remineralized water, you can use the combination of minerals in single-dose capsule that best suits your specific needs. Enter the capsule into the capsule holder, select the dispensing mode and quickly get half-liter of your “Essenza” tailored. To ensure quality, the volume of the dispensed product is preset and automatically managed by the equipment without being able to stop dispensing.

Take advantage of the 30 capsule multipack: choose your ideal assortment of remineralized water in multiples of 6 capsules belonging to Viva Essenze® Balance and LeNote line.
Viva Balance is my remineralized pleasant to drink and light. pleasant to drink and light. With its balanced taste, it is suitable for daily and continuous consumption. TDS: 119 mg/l
Viva Suite is my customized music characterized by a minimum composition of minerals which gives it a delicate taste, soft and refined. Ideal either still or sparkling to accompany a first course or a quick snack. TDS: 21 mg/l
Viva Jazz is all other music a combination of mineral salts with an agreeable taste, lively and intriguing. To drink between meals or to accompany vegetable dishes or white meats. Its taste will be enhanced by the addition of dense bubbles. TDS: 248 mg/l
Viva Swing is music for my body a combination of mineral salts with a nicely salty taste, suitable in case of sweating due to hot climates or physical activity. This formulation does not contain calcium. TDS: 322 mg/l
Viva Pop is the note that gives me the rhythm a combination of mineral salts with a full-bodied taste, flavorful and slightly salty that can be enhanced by carbonation. To drink between meals or to accompany well structured dishes. TDS: 541 mg/l
Viva Dance is an explosion of notes a combination of mineral salts with a strong taste, cheerful and titillating. To be preferred sparkling, between meals or to accompany not too elaborate meat dishes and even cheeses. TDS: 629 mg/l
Viva Ska is the ideal sound for my coffee a specific combination of mineral salts properly created to prepare an optimal coffee, based on the characteristics that water should have, according to the Specialty Coffee Association. Also ideal for those who need a low potassium diet as this formulation is devoid of it. TDS: 215 mg/l
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