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By-pass kit for sanitizing bag-in-box circuits

A ready-to-use kit to be connected downstream of the osmosis treatment system, equipped with a proper tap to be coupled to Vitop bag-in-box connector, also allows to sanitize the circuits dedicated to bag-in-box.
Set for drinks

A drop of water is the recurring theme of the refined set for beverages with a unique and exclusive design, suitable for any occasion. In each component of the set the water drop theme is cleverly shown in detail.
DemiPlus: the compact filtration and demineralization unit with reverse osmosis
For proper remineralization, it is necessary to install a treatment and total demineralization system of the mains water, entering Genesi equipment. DemiPlus is available in two versions: the 180 suitable for domestic use and the 300 for professional use. These systems effectively remove unpleasant odors and flavors, suspended solids, unwanted substances as well as minerals contained in the mains water. Thanks to the presence of a pump, water is always available at a correct pressure.

DemiPlus 180: ideal for domestic use DemiPlus 180 is the unit suitable for both under-sink and under-plinth installation of the kitchen, it can be positioned horizontally or vertically and is supplied with adhesive rubber feet to be applied according to the chosen orientation. The pre-filter must be fixed to the inner shoulder of the sub-sink. The device is equipped with installation kit.

DemiPlus 300: ideal for professional use DemiPlus 300 is the unit sized for HoReCa market. The pre-filter must be fixed externally, under the display. The device is equipped with installation kit.
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