The new generation built-in appliance
Genesi3 is a revolutionary automatic appliance that allows you to instantly prepare tailored remineralized waters and personalized beverages in a simple way and in a few seconds. The easy and intuitive touchscreen guides you in choosing your desired beverage.
Instant remineralization: easy, automatic and personalized
For the operation of Genesi3, it is necessary to install a Viva bag-in-box containing the chosen combination of mineral salts in liquid concentrate and which allows to dispense 100 liters of remineralized water. At each dispensing, Genesi3 automatically takes the correct dosage of mineral salts from the bag-in-box.
Genesi3 offers the possibility to choose any of the other combinations of Viva Essenze® line mineral salts in single-dose capsules, to get half-liter of the remineralized water that best suits specific needs and these, as we well know, are different from day to day, according to lifestyle and environmental conditions.
An infinite number of drinks on demand dispensed in seconds
With the use of Genesi3 and a rich assortment of liquid concentrate in Viva brand single-dose capsules, you can dispense a wide variety of beverages all to be discovered. Choose, whenever you want, the drink that suites you best in every moment of the day.

Genesi3 uses the bag-in-box with the chosen combination of mineral salts also for the dispensing of all other Viva drinks, except those that already contain the correct dosages of mineral salts (Viva Essenze® and Viva Colori).
Genesi3: smart technology
Total control from Genesi3 display The icon-based touchscreen is easy, intuitive and guides you by showing the selectable options for each drink: from the size to the 5 dispensing mode. A dedicated software manages hygienic-sanitary aspects and proper functionality of Genesi3, sending alarms of intervention or of any malfunctions to the display.
A plus for the coffee dispensing in single-dose capsules Genesi3 also has a second circuit dedicated exclusively to coffee. This system is equipped with "AmicaMia®": a set of unprecedented patented technologies. The circuit is universal, so that different brands and models of single-dose capsules can be used. Furthermore, remineralization takes place automatically after heating the water in order to prevent limestone formation and thus allowing to eliminate any decalcification activity.
Choose Genesi3 color or ask for your personalized color
Pearly white
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