Genesi® Project
How many times have you wished you could drink the perfect drink for you, the one that best suits your everyday needs and your lifestyle ... Genesi is your exclusive maker of customized beverages. Unique in its kind, it expresses a new and modern concept of "beverage", enabling you to eliminate stockpiles of tanks, bottles and cans from the fridge or the pantry and get rid of strenuous transport.
Four leitmotivs held in a single technology
well-being because every person is increasingly oriented to healthy choices, preferring beverages with no contaminants and preservatives and zero calories, without giving up taste, to regain physical, mental and emotional harmony

ecosystem because in a world more and more attentive to habitat, solutions that effectively reduce environmental impact are requiredefficacemente l’impatto ambientale

customization because every consumer is unique and wants a product that takes into account his needs and his tastes

modernity because life is increasingly interactive and capture this experience to incorporate it and express it in the most suggestive and original forms, emphasizes the value of knowledge
The plus of Genesi: direct and instantaneous remineralization
Genesi equipment have no water storage tank; at every dispensing request, they automatically filter the water from the mains, perform reverse osmosis and finally instantly remineralize it with the selected combination of mineral salts, thus dispensing your personalized Viva water.
An infinite number of drinks on demand dispensed in seconds
With the use of Genesi and a rich assortment of Viva branded liquid concentrates, available in bag-in-box and in single-serving capsules, you can dispense a wide variety of beverages all to be discovered. Choose, whenever you want, the drink that suits you best in every moment of the day.
Genesi components requirements, our "must"
All component’s material in direct contact with water are without undesired substances that may be transferred to our beverages such as, for example, lead, chromium and nickel.
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