A small and cheap device that can be connected to any water treatment system with reverse osmosis, to always have remineralized water available with the combination of minerals you prefer. MiniGenesi is supplied with the 2-liter Viva Balance bag-in-box with which you dispense 100 liters of remineralized water. The system is equipped with a practical and intuitive connector provided with guide that makes it very easy and fast connection to the tap of Viva bag-in-box.
Instantaneous remineralization only when you need
With MiniGenesi no waste. At any time you have the possibility to exclude the dosage of minerals to avoid using the Viva bag-in-box when you don't need remineralized water to drink. A yellow LED on the control panel lights up to remind you of this choice and the outgoing water will be that coming from the treatment system installed upstream of MiniGenesi.
Choose the format that best suits your needs
MiniGenesi has the possibility to manage up to 3 volumes of concentrate in Viva bag-in-boxes, which can be selected from the control panel with S1, S2 and S3. When the concentrate is used up, a red LED lights up and the device locks automatically, no longer allowing any dispensing until the bag-in-box is replaced.
Technical features
MiniGenesi is installed downstream of reverse osmosis filtration systems with closed by-pass and having a production of filtered and osmotic water between 60 and 180 l / h. It is equipped with an 8 mm quick-fit coupling at the inlet and outlet.

The device is also equipped with an automatic Viva bag-in-box control system and it has a synoptic panel that provides the user with information on its operating status, by means of specific LEDs.
Genesi® Project
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