• significant reduction in the space required for the storage of tanks, bottles and cans
  • the bag-in-box concentrate saves up to 100 one-liter beverage bottles
  • elimination of chilled and carbonated drinks
  • single-dose Viva capsules are made of recyclable material
  • the small size of Viva products favors the best storage conditions
  • no water storage tank. Water is taken from the network, filtered and osmotized only when dispensing is request
  • all materials of components in contact with water are free of unwanted substances that can be transferred to drinks (eg. lead, chromium, nickel)
  • fully automated management of: dispensing products, temperature, carbonation and maintenance
  • automatic fluxing at programmed frequencies in order to avoid stagnation in the water treatment circuit
Viva section:
  • instantaneous water remineralization only at the time of consumption with the possibility of choosing, for each dispensing, the combination of mineral salts that best suits the specific needs
  • Viva capsules and dispensing circuit equipped with a patented technology that prevents any contamination between different products delivered in sequence
AmicaMia® technology for coffee section:
  • automatic remineralization just before coffee extraction to prevent mineral salts from precipitating and consequent malfunctioning of pumps, boilers and valves
  • significant reduction in maintenance and replacement of components
  • absence of limestone formation and consequent elimination of descaling operations implemented to improve the status of the circuit and the quality of the dispensed products
  • specific combination of mineral salts for the preparation of an optimal coffee, based on the parameters that water should have, indicated by SCA (Specialty Coffee Association)
  • innovative and revolutionary system that makes the coffee circuit universal, allowing the consumer to use different brands and models of single-dose capsules, simply using the exclusive and interchangeable capsule holder corresponding to the chosen capsule, supplied with Genesi3
  • all products are made without the use of preservstives
  • all enriched drinks and aromatic are zero calories
  • 1 product, more drinks. The dispensing temperature, cold or hot and the option with or without CO2, exalt specific ingredients contained in the capsule, giving the product unique and surprising aromas and flavors
  • "tailor-made" remineralized waters: various combinations of mineral salts, by type and quantity, to meet the different individual needs
  • aromatic beverages also suitable as ingredients for the preparation of exclusive cocktails and refined dishes
  • opportunity to constantly renew the range of beverages to be always in line with the latest market trends
  • possibility to create specific and exclusive water and / or cold / hot beverages with customer's brand
  • possibility to customize enriched and aromatic beverages to valorize the effectiveness of each treatment offered by SPAs and gyms
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