Italian and world soft drinks
Liquid concentrate for soft drinks of the Italian tradition and for the classics known worldwide
  • FIZZ: your bubbly drinks
  • ELITÈ: your drinks with tea extract and elixirs
  • JUICY: your drinks based on concentrated fruit juice
Preparations for soft drink in liquid concentrate, packed in boxes of 30 single-dose capsules

Depending on the availability of concentrates that meet our standards, some products may not always be available.

Single-dose capsules (with Genesi3 and G-Caps): from each capsule you get a 220 ml glass of soft drink. Enter the capsule with the concentrate for the soft drink you want to obtain into the capsule holder, select the dispensing mode that best suits you and quickly get your soft drink on demand. To ensure quality, the volume of the dispensed product is preset and automatically managed by the equipment without being able to stop dispensing.

With G-caps device the capsule content is mixed with the mains water coming from the tap. The volume of the soft drink dispensed is at one’s discretion, however it is advisable to consider at least a total volume of 220 ml.

Take advantage of the 30 capsule multipack: choose your ideal assortment of soft drinks in multiples of 6 capsules belonging to the same product line.
Viva Fizz is the passion for bubbles The fizzy drinks in the Italian tradition with a modern twist. The Italian style in bubbles, effervescent at the right point, to make your day lively and unique. A selected range of fizzy drinks with a balanced mix of ingredients and aromas that satisfy the sight and palate, can be enjoyed at times when you need a pinch of bubbles.

Varieties: tonic, spuma, gazzosa, cedrata, mint, chinotto, orange soda.

Recommended modes: sparkling for tonic, spuma, chinotto; sparkling and hot for gazzosa, cedrata, mint; carbonated and not for orange.
Viva Elitè releases my imagination A range of soft drinks made from tea extracts, herbs and fruits, with a strong and refreshing taste, delicious to enjoy at any time of the day. Exquisite elixirs with an exotic and exclusive taste are the complement fashion that will bring you in a magical atmosphere of colors and refined fragrances.
Select a hot dispensing to intensify the scent of aromas or a cold dispensing for a refreshing drink. Spice up your Happy Hour with a modern twist: the sparkling option transforms "Elitè" in a joyful and bubbly aperitif.

Varieties: lemon tea, mandarin tea, mint tea, peach tea, blueberry tea, Marrakesh elixir.

Recommended modes: room temperature, cold, sparkling and slightly sparkling, hot.
Viva Juicy awakens my taste Soft drinks based on concentrated fruit juice which light up your morning with a breakfast rich in taste and freshness. All the Mediterranean flavor which is released from the oranges ripened under the sun of southern Italy that you can drink, at your pleasure, without or with tickling bubbles to make an orange soda with an amazing taste. Excellent drinks from satisfying flavor to be enjoyed even when you need a break during the day. Liven up your drink with an explosion of bubbles: check symbols on the packaging to discover the "Juicy" ideal to be enjoyed even carbonated.

Flavors: blonde orange, blood orange, pineapple. Soon: mango, peach, pink grapefruit, watermelon.

Recommended modes: room temperature, cold. For orange also sparkling and slightly sparkling.
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